Crown Ridge’s most recent rescue, Suvarna, belonged to a private owner in Georgia. When the owner decided to relinquish owner ship of his wild animals, Crown Ridge, IFAW, and Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge stepped in to help find homes for these animals. Tiger Creek transported Suvarna to his forever home at Crown Ridge and transported a cougar to their sanctuary.

Although a little hesitant at first, Suvarna has adjusted well to his new home, sometimes with the help of some chicken treats. So far he LOVES swimming in his pool, batting around his ball, and chewing on meaty bones. His favorite food is chicken but he doesn’t seem to be a picky eater, unlike some of our other cats.

Currently Suvarna is not part of the tour route, as he is acclimating to all of the on-goings at the sanctuary. Once he is comfortable he will be part of all of our tours. Staff hopes he will be ready for tours by fall 2014, but as always we are on tiger time.

Suvarna was lucky enough to be rescued from a private owner. But what about all of the other pet tigers? Help ban the private possession of tigers by supporting The Big Cat and Public Safety Act.