Born: March 1, 2007
Rescued: August 2007
Species: Male Siberian Hybrid
Weight: 450 lbs
Favorite Pastime: Playing in the water

Sadly Izzy started life as a prop. He was used by Great Cat Adventures who would travel around the US taking Izzy to carnivals and fairs where people could pay to hold and pet him (Learn more about the problems with Cub Petting). He was forced to be on the road 90% of his life where he was kept in a small trailer with several other young tigers. In August of 2007, when Izzy had grown to large to be useful for cub petting anymore he was set to be euthanized. Luckily we were able to step in and rescue him.

Izzy arrived at Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary when he was only about 6 months old and weighed just 65 lbs. Since he had been taken away from his mother at such a young age he didn't really know what it meant to be a tiger. Tigers have many vocalizations and it took Izzy a while to figure out what these all meant. He is always the first to "chuff" (a friendly greeting) at us in the morning, but he still doesn't always use his roar correctly. For safety reasons we never go in or have direct contact with our animals, but we do still interact with them from outside their enclosures. Izzy loves to stalk and run with us, but if we stop before he is finished he will roar and let us know he still wants more attention! Izzy, like all tigers, grew up fast and at about 2 years of age he weighed a little over 450 lbs! While he is getting older, he still hasn't lost his young, playful nature. 


Izzy is now doing great in his forever home! During the warmer months he can frequently be seen playing in his pool. Sometimes he just likes to soak, sometimes he will bring an enrichment item in and try to drown it, other times he just jumps in and out to cool off. The winter doesn't stop him from getting into the pools either, it can be below freezing and he will still take a dip! Izzy is also one of our most scent motivated cats. He loves when we put ginger, cinnamon, cloves or some other scent out in his yard. He will lick them up, roll in them and drool...a lot! Of all our cats Izzy seems to enjoy and crave our attention the most, and we are more then happy to accommodate! Despite his rough start in life, now this strong, handsome tiger can relax in peace thanks to supporters like YOU!



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