Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing a permanent home to animals that have endured neglect, abuse, or other undesirable situations. We rely heavily on the contributions from our guests to keep our program going strong. Without these contributions we would not be able to provide these animals with the highest quality of living: best vet care, nutritional diets, and stimulating enrichment activities.

Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary is funded through a non-for profit 501c3 Corporation. All proceeds, donations, and sponsorships go directly back into the program to take care of the animals. The money received through the foundation pays for food, enrichment, vet care, and supplies. We believe that one person’s generosity can truly make a difference.

Assist us in helping these animals by making donations either online, through the mail, or in person. All donations are tax deductible and upon request we can send a receipt for a donation.


100% of donations will help pay for proper nutrition, vet care, enrichment, and facility maintenance.

Donation Level Approximately How Long Your Donation Provides Food, Medicine, and Cage Maintenance for a Tiger/Lion
$25 1.5 Days
$30 2 Days
$50 3 Days
$100 1 Week
$250 2.5 Weeks
$500 5 Weeks
$1000 2.5 Months
$2500 6 Months
$5000 1 Year

Donate Online:

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Donate By Mail:

Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary
19620 Crown Ridge Road
Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670

Donations in person:
Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary
19620 Crown Ridge Road
Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670