Behind the Scenes: International Tiger Day Enrichment

International Tiger Day is fast approaching and we are preparing for our fun filled day. While we have lots of activities for kids and families, we also provide our cats with fun items to celebrate, after all it is International Tiger Day.  Our big cats receive many different types of enrichment to interact with in […]

Newest Rescue

Crown Ridge is excited to announce our newest rescue, Suvarna!   With assistance from IFAW and Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, Suvarna safely arrived at his forever home at Crown Ridge. Suvarna was rescued from a private owner in Georgia when the owner decided to relinquish ownership of his wild animals. Currently Suvarna is in quarantine for 30 […]

Intern Experience: Lauren

Having previously interned at several other big cat sanctuaries and animal-related facilities, I came into this internship feeling as though I had a fairly good understanding of the daily duties and requirements for someone working in this field. That being said, it is always beneficial to make new connections and gain new perspectives, and I […]

Current Tiger News: Largest Tiger Release and $80 to Big Cat Conservation

$80 million to Big Cats A global alliance of philanthropists have committed to pledging $80 million towards conservation of all 38 cat species across the globe. This 10 year commitment to big cat conservation funds solutions to primary threats to the cat populations such as: poaching for trade, human and animal conflict, unsustainable hunting of prey, […]

Running and Marching for Tigers!

52 Year Old, Paul Goldstein, runs across the world in tiger suit! This 9 foot tiger suit has run nine marathons and travelled the globe. Paul Goldstein wears this costume to help bring awareness to the plight of tigers. He is fighting for more action to be taken to stop poaching of wild animals. Not […]

My Job, My Passion

My job as a tiger caretaker is not just a job, but a passion. On the outside it seems that sanctuary workers clean up tiger poop, clean stalls and yards, fund raise, and even dabble in social media. My job is so much more. My job is to provide the cats that we have rescued […]

Tigers 4 Tigers Conference

Crown Ridge had the amazing opportunity to attend the Tigers 4 Tigers conference at Mizzou. Tigers 4 Tigers is a coalition of schools with a tiger mascot to take action in ensuring the survival of the tiger. To learn more about Tigers 4 Tigers visit their website: The conference gave us an opportunity to listen […]

What is a Sanctuary?

Sanctuaries play a vital role in giving lifelong care to rescued animals, but this title can also be deceiving. Many pseudo-sanctuaries present a false representation of what a true sanctuary is. So before visiting any wildlife facility claiming to be a sanctuary, please keep these defining factors in mind. A true sanctuary is a nonprofit […]

Current Tiger News!

Palm Oil Greenpeace has started a movement asking Procter & Gamble, the makers of Head and Shoulders, to stop using unsustainable palm oil in their products. By cutting out palm oil, P&G will be protecting tigers and other endangered animals such as orangutans and elephants. “Tell Procter & Gamble’s CEO to stop using palm oil linked […]

Valentine’s Enrichment

For two days, Crown Ridge offered a special Valentine’s weekend tour. All of the cats received Valentine’s enrichment  to explore and tear up. Cat Fun! Thor devoured her burger Hershey kiss and then ate Gracie’s too! Since one of Izzy’s favorite spices is ginger and nutmeg, caretakers sprinkled these over card board hearts. Once he discovered […]