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 February 7, 2006- July 17, 2017

Alexis arrived at Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary when she was only nine months old. Previously, she had been housed in a small indoor enclosure at Exotic Animal Paradise. Not only did she not have a proper enclosure but she was severely malnourished (which resulted in a vitamin deficiency), had not touched the ground until she arrived at the sanctuary, and to this day has never seen another lion.

Despite these hardships at such a young age, Alexis blossomed into a beautiful yet tough lion. Our lioness was the diva of the group and liked to do things her way. She loved to play hide-and-seek or tug-of-war with her keepers. Although she loved to play, Alexis did not share her toys or bones and is sure to make you aware of this.

Being the loudest of all the cats at the sanctuary, you could hear her five miles away! Alexis, being the only lioness, certainly added a unique touch to our family at the sanctuary.