Our mission is to give animals a voice by serving as a leader in wild cat conservation and education.

A world where wild cats thrive in their natural environments and the need for sanctuaries does not exist.

Core Values
-Maintaining and ensuring the integrity of animals
-No buying, selling, or captive breeding outside the SSP
-Education is prevention
-No exploitation of exotic animals

Position statements
-Against private ownership
-Against exotic animals in entertainment
-Against exotic animals in circus’s
-Only support captive breeding when it becomes necessary due to the threat of extinction
-The use of exotic animals in canned/trophy hunting

Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non profit big cat rescue facility, licensed by USDA.    We provide permanent lifelong care for abused, neglected, and unwanted big cats.  Crown Ridge strives to maintain our animal’s integrity by providing exceptional physical and mental care.  We help give animals a voice by advocating for conservation of the species in the wild and the well being of captive big cats.  Through both on and off site presentations, tours, and educational programs, CRTS increases public awareness and inspires a change in the big cat crisis.