Suvarna’s 2nd and 3rd Week at Crown Ridge

Second Week:

A lot of progress has been made with Suvarna’s adjustment to living at the sanctuary. He’s still wary of being inside for too long but he will eat some food in indoor holding. Suvarna is easily spooked, often times by himself. One day his foot accidently hit the door making a loud noise or a branch used for enrichment brushed against him while he was inside so he ran outside to “safety”. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to working with animals. Everything must be done in their own time, as they are cats. He has warmed up to all of his keepers, chuffing whenever we visit. He also has become more adventurous, going in and out of his den box and swimming in his pool.


Third Week:

After feeding Suvarna inside only, he has become more comfortable coming in and out. He started sniffing the walls and food bowls but hisses at the water bowl. As we feed him this week keepers slowly open and shut the door to his outdoor holding area so he can become accustom to the door. At the end of the week we were able to lock him in and clean his outdoor holding area. After a nice deep cleaning, we gave Suvarna a ball to play with. When he came back outside he immediately crouched over it and started batting it around. He would wedge it into a corner and use his teeth to pick up the ball. He carried it around quite a bit, got in and out of the pool, and even took it to his favorite sleeping spot. Suvarna seemed very excited to play with his new ball. Keepers cannot wait to try out more enrichment items.