Born: March 1, 2007
Unlike the other cats at Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary, Izzy was used as a “photo cat” in a carnival. He was used as a “prop” to take pictures with the public. Learn more about the dangers of cub petting.

Once Izzy was six months old he was too big and too dangerous for his job, so the carnival was just going to euthanize him. Luckily we were able to bring Izzy to the sanctuary where he is now part of our family. Ironically, he is the largest and youngest tiger at the sanctuary!  As a Siberian tiger, the largest subspecies of tiger, he weighs over 500 pounds!

Izzy is one of our most playful cats here. He loves to play with tires, balls, and swim in his pool. In fact, Izzy loves water so much that he will actually go swimming all year round! You may not hear Izzy roar, but you are sure to hear him chuff (“hello” in tiger language). So be sure to say hello to Izzy when you stop by.

Izzy also has his very own root beer, Fizzy Izzy Root Beer made by Crown Valley Brewery.