Frequently Asked Questions

We are answering questions we are often asked on tours or at events! If you have a question you would like answered please Facebook us at or email me at!

Q: Will you have a cub at the sanctuary?

A: Possibly. We do not breed any of our animals at the sanctuary, so none of our animals will have cubs. However, if a cub needed to be rescued we would take in a young tiger. Majority of the time adult tigers are in need of homes more so than young ones. Many people purchase tigers as cubs and once they are too big to handle try to get rid of them.

Q: How do you find out about animals that need to be rescued?

A: Previously, the USDA would contact us with an animal in need of a home. After attending The Big Cat Sanctuary Workshop in October, we have now been networking with many other sanctuaries. It was determined that sanctuaries need a better and faster system of finding homes for animals. Now there is an alert system that sanctuaries can be a part of. Anytime an animal needs a home, International Fund for Animal Welfare will send an alert out and a sanctuary that has space will contact IFAW. This has helped place animals much more efficiently. Also as a result of the workshop, many sanctuaries will offer assistance in the rescue.

Q: Do you go in with your animals or pet them?

A: No. We believe our big cats are wild animals and should be treated as such. Staff does interact with the cats on a daily basis but with protected contact. Protected contact means we never put anything into their enclosure we wouldn’t want the cats to have including; fingers, hoses, brooms, etc.

Our cats have still found ways to interact with us! Alexis loves to stalk her keepers while they are working in the alleyway. Tigers and lions are silent stalkers so you must always be aware when you are near their yard or they may surprise you!  Izzy enjoys lying next to the fence and having his back scratched with a wooden back scratcher. All of our cats chuff when they’re happy to see us. Watch the video below of Izzy chuffing while he waits for his yard to be cleaned.