Feeding Tour


1.5 hour tour-$50.00 per person; Must be 13 years of age or older. Reservations and deposit required.

Feeding Tours include all of the amenities of a General Tour plus:

  • Participate in feeding the cats at the keeper’s discretion through a specialized feeding method.

Note:  Not all of the cats will be fed on the tour.  Our animals are wild animals and although every effort will be taken to make sure participants have the opportunity to feed, there may be times that the cats choose not to participate.  Our feeding tours are solely for educational purposes. There are strict precautionary measures taken to ensure the safety of both the animal and touring participant(s).  Touring participant(s) will not be permitted at any time to handle food items and will be required to remain 3 feet behind secured tiger enclosures as mandated by USDA.

Feeding Tour Times-
Offered one Saturday a month at 10am.  Check our calendar or call for our Feeding Tour Schedule.  Spaces fill up quickly, please call to make reservations.