Current Tiger News: Largest Tiger Release and $80 to Big Cat Conservation

$80 million to Big Cats

A global alliance of philanthropists have committed to pledging $80 million towards conservation of all 38 cat species across the globe. This 10 year commitment to big cat conservation funds solutions to primary threats to the cat populations such as: poaching for trade, human and animal conflict, unsustainable hunting of prey, and habitat loss. “As the animals at the top of the food chain, these cats help maintain the delicate balance of the ecosystems in which they live and upon which humans depend, and serve as the flagship species for conserving large, wild landscapes.” To learn more visit Panthera’s press release.

Largest Release of Tigers in Russia

Three orphaned Amur tigers were released back into the wild in the Russian Far East. Once tigers are exposed to humans it can be very difficult to successfully release them back into their native habitat. The rescued cubs were rehabilitated to have a healthy fear of humans and hunt natural prey. Cubs were all monitored remotely to avoid any human contact.  Tigers bred in captivity cannot be released back into the wild making this historical release the future of tiger conservation. Learn more from IFAW. “Even though you can count that number with one hand, it represents more than one percent of the entire population of wild Amur tigers alive today.

If it were humans, we would be talking about more than 70 million people—that’s more than the entire population of the United Kingdom.

So yes, it’s a big deal.”